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Case Study


A Powerful Open Source Library by Revolist OÜ


July ’20 – Present

Our Services

  • Web Components Development
  • Algorithm Optimization
  • Data Security & Compliance
  • Custom Plugin & Extension Development
  • Cross-Framework Integration

The Goal

As data continues to drive decisions globally, the need for efficient data visualization tools has never been more apparent. Revolist OÜ embraced this challenge, developing RevoGrid: a state-of-the-art datagrid library. This tool empowers users to craft custom Excel-like spreadsheets, setting a benchmark with its unmatched speed, adaptability, and advanced technical design.


  • To engineer a high-performance datagrid library that can seamlessly handle expansive datasets.
  • Infuse adaptability by allowing for custom plugin and extension development.
The function of good software is to make the complex appear to be simple.
Grady Booch

Building the concept

The Technical Challenge

Many software tools claim to offer speed and customization, but few truly meet industry demands, especially when it comes to handling large data sets in real time.

The realm of datagrid libraries presents unique challenges:

  1. Complexity: Designing an interface similar to popular spreadsheet tools, while ensuring a smooth user experience.
  2. Performance: Handling vast amounts of data with minimal latency.
  3. Customizability: Ensuring the system can be tailored to diverse use cases.

The Solution

  1. High-speed Processing: Leveraging cutting-edge algorithms and StencilJS framework, RevoGrid ensures rapid data rendering, even with vast datasets, providing users with an experience free from lag.
  2. Extensible Framework: Recognizing the unique requirements of different projects, RevoGrid was designed to support plugins and extensions, enabling users to tailor their datagrid system to specific needs.
  3. Collaborative Development: Being open-source, it tapped into the collective expertise of the global developer community, refining and enhancing its features continuously.

Every line, every loop, honed for peak performance

The Result

  • Tech Recognition: On platforms like GitHub, RevoGrid’s technical prowess was quickly acknowledged, making it a go-to for developers needing a comprehensive data grid solution.
  • Adaptive Implementations: Users leveraged the library’s extensible framework to tailor solutions across diverse sectors, highlighting its adaptability.
  • Performance Benchmark: With its optimized algorithms and web component foundation, RevoGrid set a new performance standard in the data grid landscape.