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We are Revolist

Crafting bytes and pixels to perfection.

Founded in 2006

The Vision

At Revolist, we’re more than just developers; we’re innovators, thinkers, and enablers. We orchestrate distributed technology teams that not only harness the latest in software trends but also comprehend the nuanced needs of our clients, empowering them to differentiate and excel in their respective markets.

Our commitment? Long-term collaboration. We’ve built an ethos centered around establishing lasting partnerships with our clients, ensuring they have direct access to seasoned IT specialists who bring unparalleled value to the table.

The Evolution

Our competence spans a myriad of today’s most sought-after software technologies — from IoT and Mobile to Healthcare and Enterprise Solutions. But, we don’t just stop there. We’re constantly in sync with the ever-evolving tech landscape, proactively building competencies to ensure we’re always ready to meet our clients’ emerging needs.

In essence, Revolist OÜ is more than a software development company; it’s a promise of quality, innovation, and unwavering dedication.